Interview: Stopping a second fascist era

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28 Aug 2021

Why we need antifascist laws

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28 Aug 2021

Pablo Iglesias on basic income

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6 Aug 2021

Why we are entering a new great game

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4 Aug 2021

The ghost of Ayn Rand and Covid policy

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28 Jul 2021

Starmer needs to end Labour’s civil war

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21 Jul 2021

How to end the poison of online racism

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14 Jul 2021

1966. We won, then silence

8 Jul 2021

Labour’s victory in Batley and Spen

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2 Jul 2021

Labour’s struggles in Batley and Spen

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30 Jun 2021

Brexit is not a dead issue

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23 Jun 2021

Biden has grasped a basic truth

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9 Jun 2021

Booing the knee?

8 Jun 2021

Labour must accept a progressive alliance

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19 May 2021

Labour’s route to power

11 May 2021

Starmer needs the left to win

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7 May 2021

Only radical change will save Labour

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5 May 2021

Labour must embrace post-work future

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28 Apr 2021

Russia invades Ukraine, the west paralysed

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14 Apr 2021

Why pop-up parties are on the rise

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7 Apr 2021

Tories are getting away with corruption

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31 Mar 2021

Vote leave policy dangerous for world

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17 Mar 2021

After Meghan and Harry- change or perish

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10 Mar 2021

Luxemburg was right

7 Mar 2021

Sunak signals Austerity Lite

28 Feb 2021

Texas catastrophe and the planet

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24 Feb 2021

Labour must follow Biden’s example

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17 Feb 2021

Trump acquitted

13 Feb 2021

Starmer is allowing Tory failure

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3 Feb 2021

Johnson will struggle to adapt to Biden

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20 Jan 2021

American Fascism is a deadly threat

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13 Jan 2021

We are all Antifa now!

7 Jan 2021

Covid deniers are still dangerous

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6 Jan 2021

Johnson lost control of Covid again

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30 Dec 2020

Torys will blame Pandemic on Public

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23 Dec 2020

Trump shows the Tories can be beaten

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16 Dec 2020

New Zealand’s report on the Far-Right

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9 Dec 2020

Digital warfare erodes distinctions

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25 Nov 2020

The UK must embrace a European future

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18 Nov 2020

Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

30 Oct 2020

Politicians must confront Q-Anon

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2 Sep 2020

China’s brutal authoritarianism

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5 Aug 2020

This is a moment for UBI

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23 Jul 2020

How to imagine the death of capitalism

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15 Jul 2020

The UK needs a defence revolution

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15 Jul 2020

Sunak’s PR Strategy

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8 Jul 2020

Johnson’s fake new deal

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1 Jul 2020

How the Labour Left must change

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24 Jun 2020

Labour must lead the anti-racist movement

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10 Jun 2020

Seven reflexes of Resistance

3 Jun 2020

Trump declares war on US democracy

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3 Jun 2020

Cummings, did Covid come from China?

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27 May 2020

Labour must outline a radical alternative

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13 May 2020

The Crisis of the Conservative Mind

New Statesman
22 Apr 2020

Toda la zona euro puede convertirse en Grecia

El Confidencial, Spain – Interview
11 Apr 2020

Il Coronavirus è una sfida al mondo

Interview with
11 Apr 2020

End Bank of England independence

Coronavirus means central banks have to lend direct to governments
11 Apr 2020

To Fight the Economic Crisis

New Statesman
8 Apr 2020

Johnson’s hard Brexit spoiled by C-19

Six week delay in UK government action was inspired by delusions about free trade
6 Apr 2020

Ten Lessons of Corbynism

4 Apr 2020

After Coronavirus, a new struggle begins

New Statesman
1 Apr 2020

UK managed democracy looms

Johnson now has the power to squash the independent judiciary and sideline international commitments on human rights  
21 Dec 2019

Corbynism is over – learn the lessons

Labour’s left has to break with centralised control and build social movements
21 Dec 2019


Nato in una famiglia della working class del nord dell’Inghilterra, Paul Mason è un profondo conoscitore di quelle zone depresse, di quel “muro rosso” che si è sgretolato davanti all’avanzata della xenofobia nazionalista-conservatrice.
19 Dec 2019

NEW! After Corbynism: Where next for Labour (v1.4)

Where does Labour go next after its 2019 election failure. A new e-pamphlet from Paul Mason. Click above for PDF. Version 1.4 updated 16 December.
15 Dec 2019

Labour’s fiscal plans reframed

Massive emphasis on borrowing versus taxation in switch to Green New Deal
14 Nov 2019

Plymouth: an election in the dark…

Where GP shortages and poverty are the focus for Labour – not Brexit
14 Nov 2019

True meaning of Johnson-Farage pact

Britain’s election may come down to tactical voting – to defend democracy
14 Nov 2019

Can Labour get people to focus beyond Brexit?

On the doorsteps in Milton Keynes, where Labour is targeting two Tory held seats.
6 Nov 2019

Politics as self care for the rich

Why the Conservative election launch is mired in scandals and apologies
6 Nov 2019

How Noel Coward made me a Marxist

Class struggle and the crisis of the establishment drove my teenage self to revolt in the 1970s
22 Oct 2019

Brexit crunch approaches…

If Corbyn can’t form an interim government, he can still shape and limit its goals.
10 Oct 2019

How to break the Brexit impasse

The UK needs an interim government with a very short to do list
3 Oct 2019

When the time value of money evaporates

As quantitative easing resumes, both central banks and governments are running out of ideas. Here’s a solution…
2 Oct 2019

Interview with about Clear Bright Future

Die Synergie von künstlicher Intelligenz und neoliberaler Ideologie ist extrem bedrohlich
14 Sep 2019

Boris Johnson’s strategy of tension

The chaos of Britain’s parliamentary suspension crisis is preplanned.
14 Sep 2019

Jeremy Corbyn must personally back Remain

Unions mobilise to enforce “left Brexit” line
14 Sep 2019

Labour’s one realistic option: back Remain

The economic nationalist left reaches a dead end.
8 Jul 2019

How to lose an election

Ignoring the polling evidence lay at the heart of Labour’s 23 debacle
2 Jun 2019

Labour’s Brexit nightmare

Corbyn slumps to 14% in European poll as party strategists get it wrong.
27 May 2019

To the postcapitalist city

What would you have called the social system in Amsterdam in 1619?
23 May 2019

Building bridges to Remainia…

If the Labour Party wants to win, its strategy has to change
23 May 2019

North-South divide

City regions with fiscal autonomy needed to bridge England’s power gap
9 May 2019

Huawei exposes UK’s geopolitical dilemma

Block the Chinese tech giant on security grounds, but stop playing the neocons’ game
9 May 2019

Werden Unregierbar

Wie können wir den Faschismus stoppen? Sechs Vorschläge…
9 May 2019

Interview with CCCB Barcelona

Les tecnologies de la informació minvaran la necessitat de feina
9 May 2019

Manifesto of a Marxist snowflake

Interview in the Irish Times on Clear Bright Future
8 May 2019

Risks are a thing… thoughts on MMT

The Green New Deal needs a class struggle, not an accounting exercise.
27 Apr 2019

Notre Dame was buit to last forever

This is like losing the hard drive of medieval Paris.
16 Apr 2019

The new spirit of Postcapitalism

Reading the urban landscape through post-work eyes…
10 Apr 2019

Little England’s revolution is over

Why Theresa May abandoned her two year strategy to seek talks with Corbyn
3 Apr 2019

May snaps under Corbyn’s pressure

How the Labour leader forced the British PM to play ball over Brexit.
3 Apr 2019

National unity government? No thanks!

We need a second referendum on any Brexit proposal — or an election
31 Mar 2019

Boeing: the first automation disaster?

When human systems fail.
20 Mar 2019

Britain’s impossible futures

The UK parliament is at an impasse, the latest vote producing a majority for a renegotiation of its departure from Europe that the EU cannot grant. Both main parties risk fracture. So does the UK.
15 Feb 2019

Break up big tech

The great technologists believe that society exists outside of them. We must fragment technological monopolies until they behave
18 Oct 2018

Boris and the bananas

Johnson sold the dream of hard Brexit to the British people. Now the fantasies of the right-wing Conservatives have collided with reality
1 Jul 2018